Hajj & Umrah

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“And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men! They will come to you on foot and (Mountains) on every kind of lean camel, through deep and distant mountain highways” Surah Hajj. With the months of Hajj fast approaching, will you be one of the opportune ones who respond to Allah’s call? Millions of people shall prepare and leave their homes to answer this very that tugs at the heart of every believer. Will you be amongst those who proclaim Labbayk Allah Huma Labayak… “at your service o Allah, at your service” in answer to a universal call that transcends time? Once again the beautiful cities of Makkah and Madinah will flourish with pilgrims pouring in from all corners of the globe. Just visualise casting your eyes on the Kaaba for the first time. Peace. Silence. Light.

The purity of experiencing that moment that its beauty is so profound and personal words cannot capture the reality of that special feeling that permeates your soul. How can you describe that moment, when you find yourself standing at the most sacred place on the Earth, tranquillity descending upon you, your heart feeling overwhelmed and tears uncontrollably rolling down your cheeks? This is beginning of your journey of a lifetime follow in footsteps of millions of Muslims; prophets, scholars, righteous men and women; each one unique; each with individual aspirations, regret and perhaps ailments too, but united in their eagerness to worship Allah, to please him and to be enveloped n his mercy and forgiveness. If Allah has offered you the golden opportunity of going on Hajj then ‘grab it’. For how many Muslims are there who yearn for Hajj yet are unable to go due to lack of means to poor health? Be amongst those who respond to Allah’s call and start preparing.

We, at Al-Multazam Travels (Pvt).Ltd widens an invitation for you, to come and join us this year on this sacred journey. Al-Multazam Travels (Pvt).Ltd – Our Hajj packages have evolved from years of experience and dedication. Paramount to us is following the Quran and Sunnah in all of our dealings with our pilgrims. We understand that for the majority of people Hajj is undertaken only once in their lifetime hence the importance cannot be emphasised enough on ensuring that the Hajj, from the start to end, is in total compliance with the prophetic Sunnah. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service to our brothers and sisters while remaining honest, reliable and fair in all our dealing – delivering what we say is what we promise.

We have devised our packages from previous feedback from customers, therefore, released two packages, which consist of a Super Deluxe five star hotels ranging from Two Week – Four Week Hajj Packages. Call us on +92-42-37287328 for more information! Whichever package you decide to choose you can rest assured that our dedicated and committed team or organisers will accompany you throughout your journey and will be available to assist and guide you.